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Leave the hoarding cleanup to the pros. The removal of trash and debris from a hoarding site is generally more work than one person can handle alone, which is why Bright Impact Cleaning’s professional team is available to take care of all your Tulsa Hoarding Cleanup needs. Our expert cleaning staff are trained in safely removing mold, mildew, asbestos, and fecal matter to prevent serious illness.

What’s Included In A Hoarding Cleanup?


The cleanup process at a hoarding site is usually a long, involved process due to the amount of debris that has been collected. Along with excessive trash, this debris could also include expired food, mold, mildew, and fecal matter. The cleanup of such a hoarding challenge requires individuals who are trained in decontamination and odor removal.

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What is Hoarding?

Hoarding is the habit of an individual and/or individuals that cause an unhealthy collection of items including trash. Hoarding sites tend to be so full of debris that they become uninhabitable. Entryways into rooms may be blocked and fire hazards may be present in a hoarding site. Often, those who live in a hoarding site are unaware of the serious dangers surrounding them which is why friends and family usually step in and recruit help to free their loved ones from the burden of such unlivable situations.


If you have a friend or family member who could benefit from our Tulsa Hoarding Cleanup team, don’t wait! Contact us today and schedule your consultation.

The 5 Levels of Hoarding

You may be wondering if you or someone you know is struggling with hoarding. Here’s a helpful list to use when deciding whether or not to call the Tulsa Hoarding Cleanup team at Bright Impact Cleaning.

Level 1

Level 1

Minor Clutter

Level 1 has few signs of a hoarding condition. It may present itself with light amounts of clutter and/or animal waste, but there is usually no noticeable odor. Doors and stairways are accessible.

Level 2

Level 2

Blocked Exits

Level 2 has at least one blocked exit in the residence and at least one malfunctioning appliance or HVAC system. This level has more clutter focused in two or more rooms with narrow pathways in the home. There may also be light mildew around sink areas.

Level 3

Level 3

Outdoor Clutter

Level 3 has visible clutter outside the home including items such as indoor furniture. This level also has at least two broken appliances and light structural damage in one area of the residence. There may also be pets exceeding the regulation requirements.

Level 4

Level 4

Major Structural Issues

Level 4 has noticeable mold and mildew throughout the building, structural damage at least six months old and swage buildup. Unusable bedrooms and rotting food present.

Level 5

Level 5


Level 5 includes broken walls and no electricity and/or running water. Fire hazards and rodents may also be present.

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When you hire the friendly and professional staff at Bright Impact Cleaning for your Hoarding Cleanup needs, you will experience courteous and knowledgeable customer service from beginning to end. No matter what hoarding level you may be faced with, our team of trained technicians is ready to help you declutter and decontaminate Call today for an estimate and declutter your way to a new beginning!

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