New Construction Cleaning Services

Once the dust settles on your new construction, you may see the need for more clean-up than you realized. The good news is you don’t have to do this on your own. Our courteous and professional team at Bright Impact Cleaning is here to help you with all of your new construction cleaning needs.

Advantages of Hiring Tulsa’s New Construction Cleaning Pros


Hiring a professional company to take care of your new construction cleaning will not only save you time and money, but will also help ensure that your investment is protected. The last thing you want as a homeowner is for a potential homebuyer to get turned away by some unsightly drywall mud or scuff marks on the floor. Although the building contractors have a responsibility to clean up the worksite after the job is finished, most homeowners find it necessary to follow up with a deep clean.

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What Does New Construction Cleaning Include?

When it’s time to begin the process of cleaning your new construction home, our expert cleaning team will begin working through a series of cleaning tasks—many of which are often overlooked by homeowners. These tasks include:

Looking for Leftover Trash

The first thing our cleaning crew will do is a walk around to pick up anything the contractors left behind. These items usually include things like lumber, drywall, plastic tarps, tape, drop cloths, nails, screws, stables and bolts.

Inspecting & Cleaning Hard Floors

We’ll begin by checking for any damage, which should be brought up with the contractor if found, and then we’ll begin the process of mopping, waxing, polishing, and buffing.

Industrial Vacuuming

Before you are tempted to take out your Hoover and start once over on your carpet, give us a call. Many times, wood splinters and other particles get caught in the fibers of the carpet making it necessary to bring in an industrial vacuum. Once vacuumed, we will shampoo and even steam clean the carpet if necessary.

Cleaning Walls & Baseboards

With all of the equipment and tools that go in and out of a new construction job, a few scratches on the walls and baseboards are unavoidable. After the scratches have been patched and repainted, our staff will wash all of the walls and baseboards to make them look new again.

Cleaning Windows & Mirrors

Even a little dust on a mirror can distract from the look of the home which is why our crew will make sure every window and mirror is thoroughly cleaned and polished.


Often overlooked, lightbulbs and lighting fixtures can collect a large amount of dust during the construction period. We’ll make sure every lighting fixture is properly cleaned and able to show off your home with the lighting it needs to shine.

A Final Clean for Your Newly Built or Renovated Home


It’s not unusual for homeowners to attempt the post-construction clean-up alone. However, with the stress of trying to sell the home and all the details that go into that, a proper clean-up is usually out of reach without a trained professional on-site. Don’t delay! Call the expert team at Bright Impact Cleaning today and get your free estimate.

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